Twitter Roundup : #TCEA17 Closing Keynote

13th February 2017 Crista Renouard News No comments

In this year’s TCEA closing keynote, Dr. Nadia Lopez called her audience of educators to catalyze their passion and rethink the narrative as they step into the classroom.

Here is a round-up of her 10 most tweeted quotes, in not particular order:

 TCEA-2017-Background-2ac-600x333.png"Iron sharpens iron. We have the power to make everyone around us better. We influence our students by our example."

"Don't try to be a super hero. Kids don't need to be saved, they need opportunity and access."

"I have the power to impact children, influence generations to come. My legacy & the future in my class starts w me."

"Education is not supposed to be done in isolation - it is a community effort."

"Your network will be your net worth."

"Being poor is not a lifetime sentence."


"I was tired of the narrative of our community, so I created our own. Students are learning to create their own"

"I opened a school to close a prison."

"Children should feel the passion that teachers bring into the classroom."

"I have the audacity of HOPE."


Did we miss any? Please submit your favorite quotes from Twitter, or anywhere else, in the comments.

To learn more about Dr. Lopez, please visit the TCEA 2017 website.


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