Top 10 Quotes from Techspo '17 Keynote

26th January 2017 Crista Renouard Events, News No comments

The 2017 Techspo Keynote was given by Matt Beaudreau. Focusing on inter-generational differences, Matt not only delivered a Keynote which was full of insight, but also ripe with memorable material. Here are the top 10 quotable ideas from the Techspo '17 Keynote rounded up from twitter:



  1. For the first time ever we have five different generations working and living side by side.  They are in your schools.
  2. Technology is only new if you remember the way it was before. For younger gens, it's all they know.
  3. Millennials don't recognize or see diversity, they only recognize its absence.
  4. Entitlement is entirely a learned behavior.
  5. Millennials believe you are officially an adult when.. you're 30.
  6. Most millennials don't know how tech works, they just want it to work. They're not tech saavy, tech dependent.
  7. If your district is not utilizing social media, your missing the boat on communication to all.
  8. The magic of an email is in the subject line for a millennial. Brief, to the point, we will read it.
  9. Millennials all believe we are unique, special, individual. If you don't say that you don't understand us.
  10. If you want trust from your employees let them know who you are as an individual. Humanize your interactions.


Taken as a whole, the coming generation is more technology driven than ever, and they demand to be treated as individuals. As a web filtering company with unrivaled granularity, we get it. And we'd love to show you how.

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