Smoothwall Adds BitDefender as New Anti-Malware Engine

8th September 2016 Crista Renouard News, Updates No comments

Smoothwall Integrates Market Leading Anti-Malware Engine BitDefender in the Glamis Update

The upgrade brings an increase to the maximum scanned file size from 100MB to 1GB. It also covers a comprehensive range of file types. While the upgrade will not change the user interface, we take a closer look into why BitDefender was chosen as the anti-malware engine.



Trusted Market Leader

“The #1 Security Product in the World – Consistent and Unbeaten” is the claim BitDefender make on their website, and we can see why. They have over 15 years experience in the anti-virus industry with a global presence. At over 500 million users worldwide, BitDefender protect more users than any other provider across the globe.

BitDefender are constantly innovating and, over the years, have won several awards for their technologies. They also continue to lead in independent accuracy tests, giving you peace of mind you are using a best-of-breed solution.


More points of entry exist for external threats than ever before. Legitimate websites are compromised, and malvertising, phishing emails and fraudulent sites exist to infect your system. BitDefender’s dynamic threat prevention technology works on two core principles; detecting threats before they happen and proactive threat detection.  Using its advanced anti-malware solution, it responds to threats in real time, offering zero day threat prevention. It is also able to identify malicious, fraudulent, or phishing URLs before they even enter the gateway device, blocking suspicious files from executing in milliseconds.

The Complete Solution

Combining BitDefender’s best-of-breed anti-malware with the Smoothwall web filtering and firewall solutions gives you comprehensive gateway protection, designed to guard against internal and external threats. For more details on our partnership with BitDefender or to request a trial of our solutions, please get in touch.

We’d like to hear what you think about our new BitDefender Integration; let us know by leaving your comments below.

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