MBX is hot right now; Smoothwall is already on board

18th March 2016 Crista Renouard News No comments

Appliance supplier for Smoothwall, MBX, is making big moves across the globe. A boon for ambitious appliance customization plans, MBX has been essential to Smoothwall’s ability to distinguish itself from other web filtering providers.

shutterstock_105279440-600x450.jpgThis week they have issued a press release touting the details of their current expansion, with a quote from our own Phil Smith explaining the relationship that we have to MBX:

"We wanted more customization, more flexibility and better service than we were getting. MBX provided those benefits and has also become an important strategic resource," said Philip Smith, Head of Product, Smoothwall. "Their platform engineers understand exactly how our software performs, advise us how to configure our systems to optimize that performance, and help us stay ahead of the technology curve. They're not just a hardware builder. They're a partner."

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