WYSIWYG - Can you decipher internet acronyms?

16th December 2016 Adele Bannister News No comments

Acronyms of today have fast evolved from the ever popular OMG, (Oh my god) and LOL (Laughing out loud), with many people now employing a raft of new abbreviations for their social media conversations.



It makes sense when you think about it; many social media platforms used today are based on short, snappy communication. Why waste all our time typing out full words, when we can hasten our discussions and use acronyms? While many do this everyday as a way to speed up communication with their friends and family, there are those who choose to do so as a tactic to entice victims into ‘coded’ conversations, with not so innocent intent.

For example ‘GNOC’ (Get naked on camera) and ‘PAW’ (Parents are watching) are typical abbreviations used by many groomers and their victims when engaged in sexual and dangerous conversation. It’s important to understand what these new-age abbreviations actually stand for, so that you can spot when a seemingly ‘innocent’ conversation isn’t perhaps what it appears to be and prevent any risks from escalating.



Below are some examples of today’s new-age online abbreviations:

LOL – Laugh out loud
GTG – Got to go
GNOC – Get naked on camera
YOLO – You only live once
WTTP– Want to trade pictures?
CU46 – See you for sex
FOMO – Fear of missing out
OMW – On my way
BRB – Be right back
AMA – Ask me anything
WYCM – Will you call me?
DM – Direct Message
YIWGP – Yes I will go private
TTYL – Talk to you later
ILY – I love you
TDTM – Talk dirty to me
FYI – For your information
TTYS – Talk to you soon
PIR – Parent in room
KPC– Keeping Parents Clueless
MLAS – My lips are sealed
TMI – Too much information
FBO – Facebook official
WDUL – Where do you live?
WYRN –  What’s your real name?
LMK – Let me know
99 – Parent gone
F2F – Face to face
PAW  / 9 – Parents are watching
OMG – Oh my god
LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life
ASL – Age/sex/location

How many did you already know? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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