CIPA compliance: Could your school pass an audit?

7th April 2017 Crista Renouard News No comments

An Audit reveals inappropriate material in Mississippi

This week, state auditors in Mississippi revealed that school-owned 1:1 devices are rife with inappropriate content. Though the sample size was small, the figures are damning; the audit showed 86% of middle school devices and 82% of high school devices contained inappropriate content.

While access of that sort of material by minors is disturbing in its own right, the audit also revealed another disturbing fact; the districts did not know the problem existed. According to the report, the “TPMs are not effective in warning district personnel of inappropriate online activities of students and therefore not effective in protecting students from accessing inappropriate material while on the Internet.”

It is not clear what filtering systems are in place, or what options these districts have moving forward. What is clear is that traditional reporting methods provided by URL filtering solutions are insufficient when it comes to student safety and adherence to district policy. Leaving such an important issue to passive data collection methods is unreliable. Schools and districts need an active monitoring system to be able to get ahead of breaches in student safety.


Schools need Safeguarding

Unlike passive reporting systems that leave it to you to hunt for the details, Safeguarding actively provides you alerts when a student accesses inappropriate content. Focusing on 7 key areas of vulnerability, Safeguarding sends an alerts for only the most dire of transgressions:

  • abuse
  • adult content (including, but not limited to, pornography)
  • bullying
  • criminal activity
  • radicalization
  • substance abuse
  • suicide


Safeguarding Alerts 2

Safeguarding can also help you delegate these alerts to key staff who are the best positioned to deal with these issues.

Safeguarding is also accessible through the portal, allowing you to limit who has access to the admin interface in your Smoothwall system, preventing mistakes or 

But don't take our word for it; see a demo of Safeguarding, and see what Smoothwall can do for your organization.




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