Carisbrooke-1 US Update

29th September 2015 Smoothwall Updates No comments


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New Product Update System


More flexibility on what to update and when, the interface has been overhauled in the Product Update System pages.

Once Carisbrooke-1 (Main 95) is installed you'll see a completely new Product Update Page:
System > Maintenance > Updates & Releases





Update Delivery Changes

Product naming has changed to differentiate between major and minor updates.

Release: A major update containing new features and has a castle name.

Update: A minor update containing security updates and bug fixes which adds a numbered suffix to the release. E.g. Carisbrooke-1


The moment you install Carisbrooke-1. you will have instant access to the Carisbrooke-2 update.



Real-Time Search Log Viewer

Smoothwall firewall


The new log viewer provides views of keywords searched in real-time, allowing for instant intervention for problematic behaviour.

You'll find the new Search Terms Log Viewer at:
Logs and Reports > Realtime > Search Terms





Update Resolutions


Carrisbrooke-1 and 2 brings major changes to the way updates are delivered, this new more flexible system will allow the smoothwall ecosystem to grow into the future.

As always feedback is welcomed so please post any comments on our UserVoice portal.

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